Pedestrian Bridge over Miramon Park

The footbridge at Miramon Green Park is thought as an instrument to discover the Park as you walk along. Created as an additional walk of the park, its curved design invites to look towards the parkand and it reduces the perception of its slope. The footbridge is characterized by two lines which with their movement defines the footbridge and its connection to the ground, but they mainly define a trace in the landscape. The footbridge has a curved part, providing a nicer view at the beginning of the walk, and creating a natural way, a viewpoint over the landscape.

Competition, First prize.

Location: Parque tecnológico de Miramón, Donostia - San Sebastián.

Team: Ángel de la Hoz, Pablo de la Hoz, Laia Raventós, Ángel Ávarez.

Structure: Ingeniería Zero S.L., Sergio Sáiz, Ana Lorea

TechnicalArchitect: Juan Murua

Client: Parque tecnológico de San Sebastián

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Pedestrian Bridge over Miramon Park