Pasaia Port Masterplan

The current revision of the Masterplan of the service zone of Pasaia Port has a double goal. On one hand, it organises the grounds of the port to optimize its functionality and to adapt its use to the current conditions and future projections. On the other hand, it addresses the coexistence between the port and the city, paying special attention to border grounds of the port. One of the most direct ways the masterplan deals with the coexistence between the port and the city is by redefining the border between them. This procedure is addressed through an action catalogue, which allows stepping to a new border that would become a space to live in and walk through, and will compensate the lack of large public spaces in the area.

Location: Pasaia Port, Gipuzkoa

Team: Ángel de la Hoz, Pablo de la Hoz, Ángel Ávarez, LaiaRaventós, Maialen Irastorza.

Technical Architect: Juan Murua

Client: Autoridad Portuaria de Pasaia

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Pasaia Port Masterplan